Republic of Slovenia

Republic of Slovenia

Country Introduction

The Slovenian Spatial Strategy is influenced by the changed socio-economic and legal conditions and the related development policies of the state, accelerated development of a market economy, the changed geopolitical position of Slovenia and newly established international relations, globalization and integration in the European Union processes, and the transition to an information society.

Important roles in this process are played by regionalization and an increasing function of the regional level, enhanced significance of spatial relations in the role of siterelated factors, demographic trends, migrations and changes in the economic and social structure of the population, the changing of values and the way of life, increased mobility of Slovenian enterprises and Slovenian capital, a greater role of foreign capital, adaptation to European standards and criteria, and the application of information and communication technologies of transport and telecommunications.


Relevant Legislation 

Spatial Planning Act (2007)
This document contains the Spatial Planning Act (ZPNacrt) of Slovenia. Validity since 28 April 2007.
This act regulates spatial planning as part of physical planning so that it lays down types of spatial planning documents, their content and mutual relations, and procedures for their drafting and adoption.

Click to download: Slovenian Spatial Planning Act 2007  (Ministry of the Environment, Spatial Planning and Energy , 148 kb)

Spatial Planning Act (2003)
This Act regulates the spatial planning and the enforcement of implementation measures for the planned spatial arrangements, and ensures the building land development and the maintenance of a spatial data system.

Click to download: Slovenian Spatial Planning Act 2003 (Ministry of the Environment, Spatial Planning and Energy , 233kb.)


Relevant Websites (click on title to open)

Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning
The ministry ensures a healthy living environment for all the inhabitants of Slovenia and encourages efforts towards sustainable development based, in addition to social well-being, on the wise use of natural resources.

Urban Planning Institute – Republic of Slovenia
Creating a statistical database analysing the planning and developing instruments of Slovenia.